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We would like to take a moment to explain our shipping policy as well as our fees.

Due to high prices from outside shipping companies, our company decided a long time ago we were going to do what we had to do to save our customers money. We took it upon ourselves to ship out our own packages so our customers’ prices stay as low as possible.

When our auction ends, it takes 3 days for the money to clear our bank. We pack the items and charge our customers’ cards a second time. Then we have to wait another 3 business days for that money to clear. We then can ship your items out to you. As you see, the credit card processing takes 6 business days. This is why our items cannot be shipped within a day or two. We cannot control that time but we sure wish we could. We pack up 30 to 60 packages a week and work very hard at providing you with the fastest and most economical service as possible. We charge $4.75 per box shipped. This helps cover packing materials & Credit card fees (we are charged .25 each time we charge a card + a second fee depending on which card you use). We also insure every package we ship to give you, the customer, peace of mind knowing your items will get to you or you will receive a refund for your item(s). We DO NOT charge anything else. You can easily check your shipping costs by weighing the box when it arrives, go to and put in your zip code, our zip code (29365) the weight of the package, the size of the box & it will give you the available prices. If your item is fragile, we will make every attempt to ship it Priority to insure safe arrival.  Take that price, add $3.75 and the applicable insurance charge ($2 to $5 depending on total price… if shipping Priority, the first $50 is free) and you will arrive at your total shipping price.

We cannot control shipping time or price. The prices come straight from USPS. If you live far from South Carolina, your shipping will cost more than companies that are closer to you. That is a fact and is nothing we can change or control. Please keep all this in mind when bidding on our auctions. While we appreciate each customer and want everyone to come back again, we also work hard at keeping our name and reputation in good standing. When leaving feedback for our company, keep all this in mind before you do so. Any unreasonable feedback left we will consider slander and without warning, that person will be blocked from using our service again in the future.

We feel communication is very important. If you have a problem with your item(s), call us and let us know.

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